It all started with a simple Bang & Olufsen Beo4 television remote control. Today, the company is able to provide a variety Vintage classics Bang & Olufsen products and replacement parts on our own website.

The widest collection of Bang & Olufsen products and genuine replacement components can be found at Kose Trading. We have accumulated a wide variety of different spare parts for Beogram and Beomaster and more products over the course of five years. New goods and replacement components are constantly being added to the website.

Additionally, we have built a sizable global network of service agreements and operate our own service department in Copenhagen, Denmark. Both new and used Bang & Olufsen equipment, including Beomaster and Beocord and more, are available for repairing. In addition, Kose Trading provides electrical device repair services for both older and more modern equipment, including Beolab “Ice power” modules.


In addition to this, Kose Trading also commits to protecting the environment. We frequently discard outdated technology and other objects. Kose Trading eliminates this culture.

We recycle products that have promise and are aesthetically pleasing. From there, the old Bang & Olufsen products from the past are maintained, given a service and re-build, and recycled with the cutting-edge technology. The items that are in such bad shape are separated and offered for sale as spare parts. Kose Trading is able to provide OEM, “original equipment manufacturer,” to our clients. As a result, our clients are able to maintain, build, and repair older, vintage Bang & Olufsen products, bringing them back to life.


Kose Trading is currently expanding its business sector. The company has to grow to include Kose Trading forming alliances with other companies that are keen to display Classic vintage Bang and Olufsen products. Please get in touch with us if your company is interested in displaying Classic vintage Bang & Olufsen products.

CEO / Manager

Ihsan, who serves as the CEO and is normally in charge of running the business

Some manager

Sena, who serves as the Assistant Manager and is in charge of running SoMe.