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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 4 is a compact, flexible loudspeaker concept at a highly attractive price point. In addition to its use with the BeoSound 4 music system, BeoLab 4 can also be combined with PCs or be part of other Bang & Olufsen music systems.

Offering a large number of positioning options, BeoLab 4 is scheduled for initial roll-out in the second quarter “- taken from Bang & Olufsen’s Financial Report, August 2005 .

BeoLab 4 was launched in November 2005 as a new entry-level loudspeaker concept. They are designed to be discreet yet offer exceptional performance for their size. They can be used as stereo loudspeakers with an audio system, as front or rear loudspeakers within a surround sound set-up, and as link room loudspeakers or with a computer.

BeoLab 4 are 2-way stereo loudspeakers with a 2cm tweeter and a 10 cm bass loudspeaker. Each driver is powered by a 30 Watt ICE power amplifier. They also feature a placement switch to adapt the bass performance depending on their position in the room.

This is similar in operation to BeoLab 2 with a wall-mounted, corner or free-standing position. In line with the versatile concept, BeoLab 4 adapts its bass performance to the specific placement in the room. A switch is set to match a wall-mounted position, a corner position or a free-standing position to ensure optimum performance.


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