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The long awaited Digital Music player from Bang & Olufsen strikes out in a new direction for the Danish Company. Revolutionary control surfaces mean that the days or smudged touch screens are a thing of the past, yet the controls maintain a real sense of interaction with the music.

This is what makes the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 5 special. Unlike other products on the market, this actually compares the actual music using a complicated algorithm to make an never ending musical play list completely automatically. You can construct your own list but MOTS will still, if you wish continue this on once your choices have reached the end.

The Beosound 5 is partnered with the new Beomaster 5. This is an updated Beomedia and has a storage capacity of 500Gb. All Beosound 5s will come with the Beomaster 5 and it is also possible to have the Beomaster 5 built into a Beovision 9. Up to 28,000 tracks at WMA Lossless quality can be stored on the disc which should mean enough music to play a new track without repeating itself for 75 days.

Later versions had the more reliable 1Tb HDD fitted which could store double the amount of music!

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