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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 4 is a new audio product offering a complete audio experience. It has a CD player, FM / DAB radio and built-in SD memory card reader / writer. The DAB module will be included as standard for the UK and Irish markets is actually a factory-fitted option for any other markets. The unit is a full Audio Master (N.Music and N.Radio compatible) and can therefore be used to distribute sound through users’ BeoLink systems.

The new feature introduced on BeoSound 4 is the SD memory card reader / writer. This function replaces that traditionally provided by the audio cassette tape. The user can copy music from a CD or the Radio directly onto the memory card which will be compressed at 128kbps. The card can then be used in other compatible products such as BeoSound 2 and BeoSound 3. As it is possible to copy music onto a memory card using only BeoSound 4, this now offers access to digital music to a much wider audience – even those who do not own a computer. However, music can also be copied from a computer directly onto the memory card, be removed and then played back on BeoSound 4.

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