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Bang & Olufsen Beolab 3000

Good loudspeakers have a visual individuality that draws attention in addition to providing well-modulated sound expression. The BeoLab 3000 and Beovox 3000 loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen had the voice and appearance to play a key role in the acoustic world. Panel loudspeakers is the name given to them because of their slender design.

One of the most fascinating examples of how Bang & Olufsen combined gorgeous design and cutting-edge technology to create entirely new effects was with panel loudspeakers. Although they didn’t appear to be high-end loudspeakers, their sound instantly identified them as such. They maintained the ideal balance across the whole sound picture, even at maximum volume.

The tasteful, wall-mounted loudspeakers were made to look good. Additionally, they had serene surfaces made of blue or grey fabric combined with exquisite, polished steel, giving the impression that they were independent works of art. The concept behind the panel speakers was a cutting-edge acoustic theory that makes use of the wall as an active component of sound reproduction without vibrating the wall itself.