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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 3000: the design may be a Bang & Olufsen classic, but BeoSound 3000 and BeoSound Ouverture refuse to rest on their laurels. Access to new musical sources and fresh loudspeaker options ensure that the concept remains an open invitation to make something special out of your music.

With BeoSound 3000 everything is upright and out in the open so that you can see how it works and understand how it reacts when you press its buttons. Even the simple act of placing a CD has been made part of the overall experience and enjoyment. It combines radio with an advanced CD player, and – as something new – lets you access your digital music files directly from your own PC. As well as offering radio and CD, the BeoSound Ouverture also has an intelligent tape function ” (B&O catalogue 2001 – 2002)

Both products can be put together with any BeoLab loudspeaker – which gives you the option of an impressive set up on matching stands with two BeoLab 4000 speakers, or a more compact solution between newly redesigned BeoLab 2500 speakers.

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