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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 5 is also Bang & Olufsen’s first digital loudspeaker. The signals in the inner of the loudspeaker are processed digitally, before they were amplified and transmitted by the loudspeaker units. The heart of this signal-processing is the so-called digital signal processor, which handles the individual frequency ranges, the volume control and the “Adaptive Bass Control”.

Additionally, the system provides an improved thermal protection, by continuously, depending on the music being played, measuring and calculating the temperatures. And finally, digital signal processing means that each speaker is calibrated already during production in a uniformity that was not possible so far.

Like almost all Bang & Olufsen speakers BeoLab 5 is an active speaker with built-in amplifiers. The speaker is equipped with ICEpower ®. This amplifier technology, patented by B&O, improves efficiency considerably and allow an extreme output in a compact system with low power consumption. Without ICEpower ® designer David Lewis did not have had the freedom to design an acoustically so powerful speaker with such small physical dimensions.

The solution is called “Adaptive Bass Control” (ABC): The ABC technology, which features a flexible microphone system, measures and analyzes the reflections of the room and the surroundings (furniture, present people) and compensates them by automatical adjustment of the bass. Thus, the speakers can be placed anywhere and always offers the same quality of bass. If the position of the BeoLab 5 or the design of the room changes, the self-calibration can be triggered by a small button at the top of the speaker and accomplishes automatically within minutes.