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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 4500 was a wall speaker which was no more than 8cm deep. It had a built-in (active) amplifier and extended bass reproduction, which used the wall as a reflector. The display told you which source that BeoLab 4500 was reproducing at any one time.

There were two versions of this panel loudspeaker. The pure Beovox 4500 loudspeaker (shown here) and BeoLab 4500 with built-in amplifier and Dynamic Bass Equaliser (shown in main picture above), which automatically compensated for the inability of the human ear to perceive deep bass tones at low volume

The design of Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 4500 and Beovox 4500 was based an acoustic principle that allowed the loudspeaker to use the wall to enhance the bass level. The cabinet let the sound waves reflect off the wall and out into the room without delay. This made it possible to reduce the depth of the cabinet to just 8cm, so the loudspeaker becomes a natural part of the wall décor.

BeoLab 4500 had a display which indicated sound source, volume and which track on CD or tape that you were listening to. In looks, it was similar to the BeoLab 5000 active speaker, but smaller. The display too was in a green-coloured LED as opposed to BeoLab 5000’s orange. Both loudspeakers were available with blue or grey fabric.