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is the most compact, versatile loudspeaker in the current Bang & Olufsen range of loudspeakers. Using both ICEPower® and Acoustic Lens Technology, BeoLab 3 represents an important expansion of Bang & Olufsen’s compact loudspeaker range.

The speaker is very versatile and comes with a selection of stands – a floor stand, table stand and wall brackets are all available – which makes it ideal for placing almost anywhere in the house.

BeoLab 3 is delivered with a black rubber foot for positioning on a static unit. A new type of PowerLink cable (Mark III) is provided with the speaker (5m) but additional lengths may be purchased separately if required. There is a single PowerLink socket on each BeoLab 3; if connecting to a non-Bang & Olufsen audio system a converter cable may be used to connect at line level.

The speaker fits in price-wise between BeoLab 6000 and BeoLab 8000. It can be used for either main speakers or for rear surround-sound. Its rated output is 250W. The unit looks similar to the BeoLab 2 sub-woofer. The Acoustic Lens Technology is developed from research with the BeoLab 5 active speaker; technology of which was developed in close cooperation with Sausalito Audio.

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