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The choice is simple – you can fill your home with big black boxes, or you can make a stand with Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 6000 and fill it with beautiful sound and beautiful looks.

Formed from a single piece of aluminium, BeoLab 6000 is shaped to stand out from its surroundings, but coloured to match any Bang & Olufsen audio or video setup.

How does B&O reduce the overall size of a loudspeaker, but improve its sound performance? It can only be done by placing the amplifiers directly into the loudspeaker cabinet. It’s called ‘Active Loudspeaker Technology’ and is used to combine the purest of sounds with the smallest and simplest of shapes.

With a height of just 110cm and a depth of 10cm, finding space for a pair of BeoLab 6000 speakers is never going to be a problem. Its superior sound capabilities ensure that its performance will never dictate your placement options. The polished aluminium cabinet is available in a range of colours – black, blue, green, red and natural – that will match any Bang & Olufsen audio or video setup.

The deliberate choice of material, and the final surface treatment of the products’ finish, are characteristic of Bang & Olufsen and one of their true core competences. B&O’s designers know that people use several of their senses in experiencing a product. They therefore derive great pleasure from tactile experiences, whether they are touching a cold or a warm surface, or one that is smooth or textured. The span of materials used for Bang & Olufsen products is wider than that of any other company within the trade, and they are carefully selected for their high quality and their ability to fit naturally into a home environment. The finish is then refined to perfection and created to provide a tangible experience that supports the visual impression.

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