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Beovision 5

Particularly when it comes to integration within the home, the BeoVision 5 sets the benchmark for plasma solutions with its large screen, cutting-edge sound system, unique placement choices, and smart remote control. The concept of a TV screen mounted on the wall was limited to science fiction movies until the development of plasma technology. Now that the dream is a reality, Bang & Olufsen has advanced it further by providing a plasma solution that goes beyond a simple “picture on the wall”.

BeoVision 5, which has two active loudspeakers right beneath the plasma screen, can produce stereo sound up to 96 dB loudness on its own. Numerous auditory experiences are provided by an integrated Dolby Digital® surround sound decoder, which also automatically recognizes this 5.1 channel digital sound format.

As you connect any active loudspeakers from Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab line, you’ll be struck by the modern digital entertainment options’ tingling highs and deep bass. Allow the BeoLab 2 subwoofer to take center stage in your home theater experience. It is a double balanced passive radiator system with an 850 W ICEpower® amplifier (Long Term Maximum Output Power) providing power to the two 22cm passive radiators and one 22cm active woofer.